The interior design of your home will be warm yet nostalgic, just like in small town

“We took up the challenge and sought inspiration from small towns in Estonia. Analysing the situation, we realized that in general, homes are comfortable, lived in and familiar. A light touch of nostalgia, bold and combined solutions – that’s how we see the homes of Väike Tallinn. Of course, we have given it a modern interpretation. And why not hang tapestries on the wall as well.”

Ines Käärma, interior architect

We have tapestries on the wall, just like in small town

But why not? Interior designers at Ace of Space have put themselves to the test to create a correct and contemporary interior design inspired by small towns.


 work of Ace Of Space

Everyone would know who the architect of the building is, just like in small town

Väike Tallinn’s architecture was created by Nord Prook. We chose them because they do remarkably good work.

You will design the home yourself

Unique packages are not set in stone because you have the final word. Adjust your boldness level so that you will have a great time here. In addition to Ace of Space, three classic Liven’s design packages have been created. You can combine the interior design with your exact preferences.

Come to 3D tour

At Liven’s cozy office you can put on 3D virtual reality glasses and walk around in your future home. In a 3D home, you can change the interior design in real time, which makes deciding a lot easier.


When buying a home from Liven, you can choose not only the parquet and wall colour, but also the built-in furniture. And the furniture purchase can be financed with a home loan. Because a home without furniture is just an apartment.

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