Väike Tallinn – if Tallinn were a small town

Tallinn is not small. But we wanted all the good things that we like about a small town and that make our hearts sing to be present in Tallinn too. In a big city, you can be a small person, in a small town you have to be big. Move into a small version of a metropolis, Väike Tallinn.


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Children can play in the yard, just like in a small town

Children need to discover the world themselves. In a small place, it’s just safer to do it. In Väike Tallinn’s yard, children can take the first steps, as well as the first steps towards independence. Large enough for a child, but small enough for your peace of mind.


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Generations enrich each other’s lives, just like in a small town

Väike Tallinn has three different buildings. Young people who breathe life in to their first home move here, as well as those who already have an unconventionally large family with 2-3 children. We believe that different people and families and their random encounters enrich the community.


Väike-Tallinn’s timeline:

The beginning
of the demolition works

June 2020

of the construction

October 2020

Deadline for making
interior finishing choices,

December 2020

Sample apartment

September 2021


December 2021

Väike Tallinn location / asukoht

Homes with a soul

Every building we develop is carefully thought out in a way that it suits a selected few, but does so a lot. We don’t try to please everyone, we just want to make special homes for special people. We create with soul.

All homes are sold bike


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